Reviews for the first edition of Birding: A Flock of Irreverent Essays

Average rating: 4.80 of 5 stars

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“Jam packed with info that both novice and experienced birders will love, and his sharp wit and humor throughout will guarantee a good laugh. You will see birds in a completely different light, and will be compelled to immediately run out and buy a decent pair of binoculars to watch them.”

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“While ostensibly aimed at the birding community, Dr Keen has produced an accessible, inclusive birding book that will initiate even the most neophyte bird watcher into the ins and outs and faux pas of birder culture with humorous asides and self-deprecating wit…. But don’t mistake Keen for the light-hearted Dave Barry of birding. At the heart of the book is the much more serious theme of how we relate (or fail to relate) to nature…. Books like Keen’s that can inspire and nurture the birder within us, deserve widespread readership.”

“Clive Keen has written a set of amusing, thought provoking essays on birding that every birder, whether novice or expert should read. This is a quick, light-hearted read.”

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“The descriptions are so vivid as well as humorous, I feel as if I am there with him! I am no twitcher but I was enthralled and have learnt a lot.”

“Have enjoyed reading this as you can dip in and out. You do not have to be a bird fanatic to enjoy this author’s sense of humour although there are serious parts as well. Such a shame that Kindle does not allow photographs as I am sure this book could be littered with fantastic photos. Maybe in the future this will be possible. A good read for £2.99.”

“Well written, factual and amusing. An excellent buy. The only disappointment was the lack of photos which is the problem with Ebooks not the author.”

Snowy45Photo: this is the owl referred to in the article You’ve Been Asked to Give a Talk on Birds…

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