The Kindle edition of Birding: A Flock of Irreverent Essays uses an electronic-ink technology incompatible with colour photographs. The printed versions of the publications, however, are richly illustrated. All the photographs on this website, plus many more – 178 in all – now illustrate the text in the latest printed edition.

The photograph in the header shows three Guira Cuckoos trying to intimidate a Burrowing Owl. The story is given in the essay “Avian Inter-species Rivalry.”

The essay Wildlife Photography 2: Getting Close and Personal gives tips on how to get within effective photographic range – such as three feet from this young Red-tailed Hawk.


The essay Expecting the Magic Moment describes the occasion of this Slaty-backed Rail creeping out from behind a tree, and standing in glorious sunlight.

SnowyThe essay You’ve Been Asked to Give a Talk on Birds … argues that you can’t go wrong as long as you stick to owls.

Gyr6The Raptor Dilemma discusses the issue of raptors, such as this Gyrfalcon, visiting your feeder.

Greater6Shorebird Mania discusses the question of the special magic of the plovers, sandpipers and their kin. This fellow, as you’ve probably guessed, is a Greater Yellowlegs: the size of the bill is a give-away.

Anyone for Pelagic Birding gives some advice on how to avoid unofficial chumming of the water while yodelling. You wouldn’t want to miss this Black-footed Albatross landing beside the boat because you’re too seasick to care.

More images.

All photographs are by the author.

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