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“Where To Go Birding” discusses the incredible sight of a small field containing up to ninety Long-billed Curlews each spring, including this one. To find the best local spots, you need to connect with the birding community: but do it the right way, so you get enthusiastic support rather than the brush-off.


“Are there such things as boring birds?” asks one article. Well, the jury perhaps remains out on some, but anyone thinking that this Gadwall is boring hasn’t yet reached the higher echelons of birderdom.


“Do You Have a Favourite Bird” is another article title. Well, we all have our favourites. Avocet? Ruddy Duck?
Any votes for this Violet-Green Swallow?


“A Dummy’s to Wildllfe Photography” is one of five articles discussing equipment and technique. To get a photograph of a White-Necked Heron in flight you need luck – but there’s ways of getting the odds in your favour. Knowing what not to do is a good start before knowing what you should do.


“The Kingfisher would pump its head and tail in a synchronized fashion while delivering itself of a heartfelt squawk” – this is the culprit, whose antics are described in Avian Inter-species Rivalry.

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