Birding: a Flock of Irreverent Essays


Article Titles:

  • Giving Up Giving Up
  • The Ideal Q & A
  • The Least Favoured Bird
  • You’ve Got Mail
  • Holding One’s Tongue
  • The Seven Stages of Seeing
  • See, Toldyer
  • Bird Names You Might Not Know
  • Seen it Already
  • Those Little Brown Jobs
  • When is a Tick Not a Tick, Reprised
  • ID Guides with a Colon
  • $%@^ing Fall Warblers
  • The Central Park Effect
  • Loitering With Intent – to Watch Birds
  • How Not to Learn Bird Songs
  • The Raptor Dilemma
  • What to Do When your Neighbour Reports an Eskimo Curlew in his Bird Bath
  • Avian Inter-species Rivalry
  • Know Thyself, said Socrates
  • Anyone for Pelagic Birding?
  • A Dummy’s Guide to Wildlife Photography
  • Wildlife Photography 2: Getting Close and Personal
  • Wildlife Photography – a Codicil
  • Beak or Bill?
  • Expecting the Magic Moment
  • Learning to See the Obvious
  • Are There Such Things as Boring Birds?
  • How Not to Tell People about Penguins
  • When is a Tick not a Tick?
  • Do Birds Have a Sense of Fun?
  • Alternative Birding Equipment
  • It’s Not Just About the Plumage
  • It Helps to Reflect Before Saying “Idiot!”
  • Who Becomes Birders?
  • Roses by Lots of Other Names
  • Birding: Harmless Fun?
  • Ticked Off
  • The Taxonomy of Bird-Spotting, Part 1
  • The Taxonomy of Bird-Spotting, Part 2
  • Whiskers on Kittens
  • Where to Go Birding
  • Birding the Backyard
  • Shorebird Mania
  • I Vont to be Alone
  • Asking For Directions
  • The Shame of It
  • You’ve Been Asked to Give a Talk on Birds…
  • You’ve Got Mail
  • The CBC
  • Don’t Wait for Me While I, Um ….
  • A Pedantic Note, with an Apology, Sort of
  • The Numinous Moment

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