Birdwatching: A Different Kind of Guide

The expanded third edition of this book is now available for $27.95 at Books and Company at Prince George and Quesnel, at Mountain Eagle Books in Smithers, at Bacchus Books in Golden, and Armchair Books in Whistler. It is also available by mail order from Buteo Books. Building on earlier editions, it is now a 254-page soft-cover book comprising 89 essays and 178 colour photographs.

To learn more about the book, head to:

Birding: A Flock of Irreverent Essays

An online Kindle edition (no illustrations) of this early version of the essay collection is available from Amazon.
This eBook is unashamedly for birders, birdwatchers, or birdpersons by any other name, plus all those splendid people wanting to buy them presents.

Assuming that at least one of you is a bird person, you REALLY need to get this book so you can:

  • Speculate on why “Middendorf’s Grasshopper-Warbler” is such a hilarious name
  • Avoid chumming the water unintentionally during a pelagic trip
  • Know what to do if your neighbour reports an Eskimo Curlew in his bird bath
  • Find how to fail most successfully at learning bird songs
  • Decide which birds can really be called boring
  • Learn why you needn’t be mortified when you get an identification horribly wrong
  • Read an article a day for fifty five days on all things birdish

The articles are actually not all humorous. Some of them even take themselves quite seriously and attempt to increase your birding IQ. But if you’ve got this far, you might as well see the list of articles or even read the more sober Introduction to the book. Or if you’re a true birder ready for anything:

list of contents

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