Birdwatching: A Different Sort of Guide
This 254-page (xxii+232) soft-cover book may be purchased directly from the author at 10790 Grassland Road, Prince George, BC, Canada V2K 5E8. It is the third edition of the book, substantially expanding earlier editions, now comprising 89 essays and 178 colour photographs. To obtain a copy, send a cheque for $45, which includes post and package (within Canada).

Birding: A Flock of Irreverent Essays
This is available for reading on a Kindle from Amazon. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read the book on a computer by downloading a free reader.

Price in the US and Canada: $4.99
Price in the UK: £2.99

To buy, click on the book title above, or head to one of the following and enter birding: a flock in the search line:

EgretNote that this edition, like all eBooks for the electronic-ink Kindle, is black-and-white text only. However, the publisher is working towards creating a fully illustrated colour version of Birdwatching: A Different Sort of Guide for the Kindle Fire, tablets or PCs.

Photographs are in fact a very useful addition to the text, illustrating the points made. For instance, the article “Do Birds have a Sense of Fun?” discusses the issue of
anthropomorphic interpretations. Are we always wrong when we try to interpret behaviour in human terms? This Cattle Egret was discovered early one morning, while it, and the author, were preparing for a long day in the fields. Is it too great a stretch to compare their states of mind?


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